About Inmate Lists...

The inmate lists posted on this website are posted as a public service. The information contained therein is public information which can be obtained by anyone who walks into the lobby at the Detention Center and looks at the 'Jail Book'.  One should keep in mind that many of the inmates listed on the pages have been arrested and charged with a crime, but have not been convicted of any offense.  They are to be presumed innocent until they have had their day in court.

The 'Inmates In Jail' page lists all inmates currently incarcerated in the Ector County Jail as of midnight. Some of those listed may have been released since midnight. This list is updated once a day, at midnight. Updates on the page at about 12:15 am.

The 'Recent Arrests' page is updated hourly and lists people who were arrested yesterday or today, and who were still in jail as of the last posting. Those who were released prior to the last posting are not listed, even though they were arrested recently. The purpose of the list is to inform family, friends, attorneys, bondsmen, and other interested parties of the CUSTODY STATUS of people who are currently in jail.  Updates on the page at about 10 minutes after
the hour.

On occasion, for any of several technical reasons, the list(s) may not be updated at the scheduled time. We monitor the lists as closely as possible to assure they are up to date, but sometimes the failure to update is beyond our control. The time and date of the last update is listed at the top of the page.

Inmates are listed in alphabetical order on each list. To search for a particular inmate, make the inmate list frame active (left-click your mouse in the window frame with the inmate list) and hold the [Ctrl] key down and press the [F] key. Enter the last name of the inmate you are trying to find into the resulting dialog box and press [Enter]. Use the [Find Next] button to advance through the inmate names which are the same.

If the list does not seem to be updating on your computer, you should "Refresh" or "Reload" your page. Right-Click in the Inmate List frame and click on "Refresh" (Internet Explorer) or "Reload" (Netscape) to make sure you are seeing the latest page.

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