Inmate's Name. DOE, JOHN Q. Name as booked
SO............ 99999 Ector County Sheriff's Office Number
Address....... 2533 W BARSTOOL ST. Home Address of inmate
CSZ........... ODESSA,TX 79765 City, State and ZIP code of inmate
Arrest Date... 01/22/04 Date of Arrest
Arrest Time... 01:30:00pm Time of Arrest
Warrants...... 03-3333 WARRANT #1
             . 03-3334  WARRANT #2
             . WARRANT #3 (If blank, warrantless arrest)
Charges....... MTRP(M) CHARGE #1
             . MTRP(M)(FTA) CHARGE #2
             . THEFT >=$50<$500 (B) CHARGE #3
Bond Amt...... NOBOND BOND #1 (If blank, bond not yet set)
             . NOBOND BOND #2
             . NOBOND BOND #3
Authority..... OPD Arrest Authority #1
             . JP1 Arrest Authority #2
             . Court CC, County Clerk Office by TVV Arrest Authority #3
Inmate's Name. DOE, HAROLD DEAN Next Inmate


Regardless of number of charges, the order of WARRANTS, CHARGES, BONDS and Authority are listed in order. Arrest Authority is not necessarily the arresting agency, though it could be. This denotes the authority for detention, and could include the issuing agency or magistrate.

The two inmate files are simple ASCII text files. If you are having trouble reading them, or If you would like to download an inmate list, right-click on the LINK in the left frame, and select 'Save Target As' on the resultant menu. You can save it to your computer by either giving it a new name and save location, or with the default name and location. If saving to default, notice where you are saving before clicking the save button.

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In the near future, there will be a page on this site devoted to explaining the abbreviations used in the inmate lists.

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